A daily delivery of unusual dirt

Alexandre Wrong

PRISON. DAY: 24. (Presents for Lex / Respect on Fat)

PRISON. DAY: 23. (Out the Box)

PRISON. DAY: 16. (Lex, Week 2 / Box Fuse)

PRISON. DAY: 9. (Solitary / Dreams of Eve)

PRISON. DAY: 2. (Alexandre’s Revenge / “Surprise, Fatman.”)

PRISON. NIGHT: 1. (Fucked)


Memory Candy #2.

Shades of Dick

I’ve Got a Lot on My Mind

Lover, 1982

Only You Have the Magic Technique

Do You Ever Get the Feeling?

Because I’m in Love.

Memory Candy #1.

Eve and Lex Bring Lux to the Sweatshop.

First Ever DDD Family Funeral.

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